We will automatically top you up with £5.00 credit if you have previously topped up with £1.50 or £5 short codes or with £10.00 credit if you have previously topped up with £10. The auto top up will occur just before your calling credit is about to run out. To opt out of the automatic top up, simply text STOP to 88565, 85787 or 79910 at any time. If you choose to opt out, calls will disconnect once the credit has finished and a new text request with the PLANET to 88565, 85787 or 79910 will have to be made for a further top-up.

TEXT PLANET TO 85787 to top up your account with £5.00 (cost £5.00 + std. SMS) or TEXT PLANET10 to 79910 to top up with £10.00 + £1 FREE Total credit £11.00 (cost £10.00 + std. SMS) - Call Back Feature for PAYG Callers

Why use Planet Calling

  • Cheap International Calls from any UK mobile phone
  • No sign-up or credit card is needed
  • It's super easy, no 3G or Wifi is needed
  • Use your inclusive minutes to call our access number

International Calls from Your Mobile

Make Cheap International Calls anywhere your mobile works! Simply add some Planet Calling international calling credit by sending a text message from your mobile phone. Whether you call Nigeria, India, Poland, Pakistan, Bangladesh or in fact anywhere overseas, Planet Calling saves you pounds on International calls.

How to Call International

To make the cheapest international calls, simply text PLANET10 to 79910 for £10.00 + £1.00 FREE credit, text PLANET to 85787 for £5.00 credit or text PLANET to 88565 for £1.50 credit. Cost £10.00, £5.00 or £1.50 plus your standard SMS. International calling has never been cheaper. Tell your friends so they can make cheaper international calls also.

International Calling – Easy Dialling Tips

To make calling international easier, you can programme your mobile phone to allow one touch dialling. Programme the access number, a pause, then the international number you wish to dial in your phone contacts so you don’t have to dial manually. For help with programming your mobile phone click here.